Ab Roller is one among the most abdominal exercise equipment which is manufactured in many shapes and designs. However, all of these machines work on the same principle and the variation in the design is just skin deep.

The basic work out using this machine is crunches and is done by placing your head on the padded cushion. The cushion supports your neck and helps in keeping your neck straight when doing the crunches.

You can support your arms on the handle bar.


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Truth about crunches

It is necessary to understand that all the crunches in the world would not be enough to make you reduce your abdominal fat and make it flat.

Abdomen of a person is made of at least 7lbs of fat. This fat deposited is the most adamant ones which burn only after every other fat deposited in your body burn off, hence Ab Roller and its crunches alone cannot bring about the much sought fat reduction in your abdomen.

Apart from this there are a number of other negative points of Ab Roller machines which have to be considered before one decides to buy them.

1.       Promise of spot reduction of fat

You can never reduce fat at any single spot of your body. It has to be done on a whole body approach doing workouts that include cardio exercises to raise your heartbeat and burn fat in your body, weight training and also a right diet.

 Hence just by using Ab Roller day in and day out may not bring much change in your body build.

2.       May lead to bad back

Doing too much crunches even if your neck is supported is not good for your back. Straining your back too much may lead to other serious back problems when Ab Roller is continuously used.

You can do exercise that includes lifting your legs and bringing them towards your stomach or the reverse crunches rather than the regular ones.

3.       Only for beginners

Ab Roller is suitable only for beginners and is not useful when you want to do advanced exercises. Spending $50 for a small period of time is a total waste.

You would be using the equipment only for a limited period and then keep it aside after that. You could well go to a gym and have a balanced workout done for the same amount of money and time.

4.       No sophistication

The Ab Roller lacks sophistication in make or function. It is equal to any old fashioned exercise mat whit a carefully placed neck support.

There is no special need for such an equipment that has less usability and not suitable to do any advanced workouts.

If  you had enough time to perform the crunches in Ab Roller you could well do the age old sit ups rather than spending money on the equipment.


Ab Roller does not give any special workout to your body or an efficient reduction in your tummy fat by itself. It has to be coupled with other cardio exercise and diet etc to bring about a positive change.

It is not worth spending on this machine which can be used only for a limited period of time.